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  1. Still think cold is “just hormetic” and not a built-in survival mechanism to all eutherian mammals? Well today we have a quick blog for you!

Take a look at this story from the UK in which they put a baby in an induced hypothermic state, and he survived. The infant did not breathe for 20 minutes at birth!

Many people find the mechanism of cold to be rather counter-intuitive, but it is deeply based in quantum mechanics. In fact galaxies collapse when the CO2 gas in them cools down to allow gravity to begin to act. What happens in space also scales to our biology. You just have to know where to look to see the effect in humans. Today, you have a great example of this in this blog.

Cold slows the molecular actions of molecules in you and allows electrons to freely flow in all parts of your body to function even better than they normally do at regular temperatures. This effect is called the Hall effect.

Cold water has more oxygen dissolved in it. This is why cold protected this child from death.

To make the point clear about the effect of cold water and oxygen, I want to you think about the Alaskan King crabs in the Bering Sea. They are “monsterously” big because the water they grow in is loaded with oxygen. The crabs we have here in the gulf of Mexico are small because our water temperatures there are much warmer. This is why warm equatorial water has less life in it than the polar seas. This is why some of the biggest mammals (whales) on our planet feed in the polar oceans. It is here where electrons are more dense because water is more compact and can hold more electrons and oxygen to support life.

Another common example the Hall effect plays a role in your life is in your cell phone. If you are in the hot sun and put your phone on the asphalt or hood of your car, you will find that the higher temperatures will give you an alert on your cell, and it will not work. The reason it will not work is because the heat blocks the flow of electrons on the mobile’s semiconductors.

If you immediately take the non-working phone and put it in the freezer, you will find it works in under 10 seconds. Here you can see the effect of the Hall current returning. It is as if your phone has come back to life in the blink of an eye.

The same effect on your cell or laptop also happens in you!!!! And this story shows you that is not an opinion, it is a built law of nature that I covered in Energy and Epigenetics 4.


Most people in the blogosphere will tell you their beliefs about cold, because they do not understand how physics dictates how biology operates in different conditions. They tend to ignore these details because they do not understand it totally. It is not that hard as this short blog shows you. I find those beliefs ironic. I am reminded of a famous quote, “If science doesn’t fit in with the cultural milieu, people dismiss science, they never reject their cultural milieu! If we are involved in science of which some aspects are not commensurate with the cultural milieu, then we are told that our science is flawed.”

Enjoy My Cold Thermogenesis protocol, because it might save your life like it did for this child.

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