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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  WHAT HOLDS YOU CAPTIVE?   If you read the alternative health websites about adrenal fatigue and autoimmunity what do you seem to find consistently? Most people continue to believe that adrenal gland dysfunction is behind the idea we call "adrenal fatigue".  That belief leads to many recommendations by alternative practitioners that are all [...]

The Tilted Quilt: Random Musings 3

It is Dec. 31 here in Europe, and I just want to say Happy New Year to you! Here are some more of my random musings from upcoming blog posts. This new idea for a blog should stimulate you to think and ask better questions to improve your current condition. We all must become aware of what we might not know, because this is often where our truth lies.


Consider these 12 ways to improve your clarity of vision during the 12 Days of Christmas and for 2014. If your vision is clear, if you know what you want and where you are going, then things will be as easy and simple as 3rd grade math. Add what you need and only the relevant, subtract what you do not need, avoid the irrelevants, multiply your assets and divide the tasks to make the work enjoyable yet crystal clear. Today, begin to create your blueprint for 2014 using the momentum of the Christmas spirit. It is the best gift to give to yourself.

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The Tilted Quilt: Random Musings 2

These are some more random musings coming from future blogs in the Quilt. As you already know, all the pieces in a quilt work together to complete a goal that no single individual piece could accomplish. Yet each piece reveals the organization of the finished product. Enjoy!

Cold Thermogenesis in the News

Take a look at this story from the UK in which they put a baby in an induced hypothermic state, and he survived. The infant did not breathe for 20 minutes at birth! Many people find the mechanism of cold to be rather counter-intuitive, but it is deeply based in quantum mechanics. In fact galaxies collapse when the CO2 gas in them cools down to allow gravity to begin to act. What happens in space also scales to our biology. You just have to know where to look to see the effect in humans. Today, you have a great example of this in this blog.

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Happy Thanksgiving to All of My Readers

This year, consider using Thanksgiving as your springboard for wellness. Take care of your dreams, or your fears will take care of them for you. Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have that we fail to see, appreciate and use what we do possess! God bless you and yours, and I hope you all have a great Thanskgiving.

The Tilted Quilt: Random Musings 1

On the surface a quilt seems a random collection of parts to make a comforter. That is what the undiscerning eye sees. But at its core, the assembled parts begin to act in unison to do something that no single part can do. In concert, Nature only uses the finest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. These random musings are coming from future blogs in the Quilt. Enjoy!

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Energy and Epigenetics 6: Quantum Cell Theory, Life as a Collective Phenomena

This will probably be the most important blog in the entire Quilt. It is how I see the three fundamental laws of nature integrating and coordinating the physiologic function of animating life. It is how all life works as a collective phenomena.

EMF 4: Why Might You Need Carbs for Performance?

Today EMF-4 is going to hit a very controversial topic. Why do the younger performers perceive they need carbs for performance? For years, I have said loudly, I don't believe it is true. Over the last 7 years I have begun to understand why their belief exists now. When you suffer from a disrupted circadian clock you perceive you do need carbs. It has been shown recently that artificial EMF's make our blood brain barrier and gut more permeable to carbohydrates. The micropulsations of EMF control biocycles, including the timing of mitotic rhythm and the entire cell cycle. Any major change in their frequency would be catastrophic for cells. In fact, today most of the paleo-sphere is unaware that experiments already have been done that have shown that vibrational rates near normal and slightly above the Schumann resonance, from 30-100 Hz, cause dramatic changes in the cell cycle timing. It turns out, the most powerful shaper of our development may turn out to be the subtlest force, that is completely invisible to us and perturbs the manner in which we handle macronutrients and recycle ATP.

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