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March Webinar: The EMF Rx.
There are so many gems in this webinar.  Together, we’re going to connect some pretty important dots to help you on your road to optimal.
  • Why people on the Paleo diet often experience increased constipation
  • How fluoridated water is causing DEHYDRATION, and how dehydration is at the root of all sorts of neolithic diseases, in a sense, making them chronic because syndromes persist when you’re in a dehydrated state
  • How fluoridated water weakens the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins normally excluded from the brain’s circulation to enter (Dr. Kruse believes fluoridated water to be the #1 cause of leaky gut in our modern world)
  • How high LDL cholesterol levels are tied to hypothyroidism
  • How EMF exposure is tied to increased cancer risks, childhood leukemia, headaches, “aging” diseases like Alzheimers and dimentia, and other disorders
  • How children’s brains are affected by pulsed EMF – DANGEROUSLY
  • Why LDL levels rise so often with a Paleo diet
  • Why the HCG diet works in many men and women
This webinar is rich with content, and Dr. Kruse is going to review the three main legs to the stool for creating optimal health — they’re simple, yet profound, and could very well give you the breakthrough you’ve been looking for to super-charge your quest to optimal!  He’s going to outline for you the EMF Prescription and unload so much goodness in this webinar, your head will spin with delight!

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