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Readers Summary

  1. What are the top ten FAQ’s for EMF?
  2. Where are they found in the Quilt?
  3. How does paleo help or hurt this?
  4. What are the biggest factors in EMF Rx?
  5. The EMF Rx is a critical link to these FAQ’s

Soon the EMF Rx will go live in our March 2013 webinar so in advance of it,  I wanted to give the EMF FAQ’s for everyone to review before you listen to the webinar. I expect there to be many questions once the webinar is released.  Hopefully this will answer many of the questions you might have as the series moves forward.

These may make a lot more sense once you listen to the EMF Rx in the webinar.  They will really sink in after you hear our EMF expert that we are bringing on to the site for an extensive long term look at the different aspects that EMF causes  in our modern world, but here is an appetizer of what is coming.

1. What is the real cause of low carb paleo flu?

It’s called dehydration of your carbon nanotubes and you can not rehydrate on fluoridated water. You can use Lugol’s or potassium iodide to ‘knock down’ the fluoride effect of water. It acts as a dielectric in the CSF of the central nervous system to cause avalanche discharge. This is why fluoride is bad. You can not rehydrate with bad water.  If you live in the southwest or California pay deep attention to it.

2. When you switch to paleo, most complain about constipation coming up.

The reason is related to number one. You are dehydrated because you are eating protein and starchy carbs which also act to worsen the dehydration. Yes, the food paleo advocates causes more dehydration.  If you don’t believe it go over to paleohacks and see how many people ask what is wrong and they get told what?  Eat more carbs. Not good for your water chemistry or your Mitochondrial Rx.

3. Why won’t replenishment with Magnesium alone help my turd issue in #2?

Because the paleo leaders forgot to tell you that magnesium is hydrophilic and when you can not assimilate the water into your collagen lattice it does not matter how much magnesium you take because there is no water around for it to work on your semi conductors of life.  It is why constipation is a paleo staple when some one adapts to a paleo template.

4. So fluoridated water blocks semiconduction by blocking the doping mechanism in the DHA of the human nervous system. So what is the ion responsible for proper doping?

IODINE.  Take a guess why paleo has an issue?  The classic paleo diet is very low in iodine and even lower in DHA replacements.  Take a look here from the Top Ten Paleo Supplement blog.  The most important mineral for a human with a large brain is Iodine. I covered this later in the blogs of the massively important Brain Gut series. You can not form a human brain eating meat no matter what the leaders of paleo say or believe. Brain gut 5 shows you why this is false.  The most common clinical scenario I see is thyroid disfunction. This is unusual to me now because back in my pathology book from the 1980′s it said thyroid disorders were quite rare. Now they have become ridiculously common. The reason is simple. Our epigenetics have been altered dramatically because most food is now man-made and processed, our light is artificial light, and environmental toxins of all sorts have gone through the roof over the last 100 years. When we eat man-made foods we get illnesses like neolithic diseases. This is critical because if the thyroid is not working well free T3 levels will be low and likely not going to be available to convert LDL cholesterol to the hormones the brain uses to control our 20 trillion cells in our body. Remember that T3 and Vitamin A is co factors in the conversion of LDL cholesterol to the steroid cascade. We covered this in the Hormone 101 blog. Thyroid dysfunction is epidemic in the world where a western diet is entrenched. One in ten adult American women have been diagnosed with thyroid disorders and some endocrinologists suggest that as many as 25{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of adult American women are afflicted with clinically detectable thyroid dysfunction.

I think this number is very conservative today, and gets worse with every subsequent generation to the effect of EMF on epigenetics. Severe iodine deficiency can cause hypothyroidism very quickly because of dehydration of the cytoskeleton’s nanotubes. But many physicians believe iodine deficiency is rare in the United States and other developed countries since the addition of iodine to salt. I am not so sure about this. I think it is relate to water dehydration because fluorine replaces iodine in structured water in humans. Fluoridated water blocks rehydration and causes us to lose salt simultaneously.   This directly has an effect on the renin angiotensin and aldosterone system and these hormones are what causes many of the symptoms we see in a pregnenolone steal syndrome and in an adrenal fatigue syndrome.  Both of these syndromes are associated with low volume states in the plasma called hypovolemia.  Dehydration leads to electron steal syndrome.

Doctors will use this term but patients use the term dehydration for true water loss and the loss of sodium chloride.  Patients who have a low volume or dehydrated state often “self-medicate” by naturally gravitating toward a higher-sodium diet (pickles and saurkraut, and kombucha)  and by dramatically increasing their water intake.  They also tend to drink a lot of coffee.  The quality of water replacement usually will dictate how long the syndrome persists.

Advanced symptoms are seen in adrenal fatigue or severe hypothyroidism cases and include: constipation,  muscle cramps, lightheadedness, dizziness or vertigo, feelings of anxiety or panic (not mentally induced),tachycardia (rapid heart rate) or bradycardia (slow heart rate), hypotension and orthostatic hypotension sometimes resulting in syncope.  Other symptoms often associated with dysautonomia include: headaches, pallor, malaise, facial flushing, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux, visual disturbances, numbness, nerve pain, trouble breathing, chest pains, loss of consciousness and seizures.

When the patient is severely dehydrated during their baseline and then sustains another physiologic or metabolic insult the syndrome can de-evolve into a severe state called cerebral salt wasting syndrome (CSWS).  In neurosurgery,  we see this condition often in concussions, head trauma, intracranial bleeds, and in excessive exposure to pulsed EMF,  because it disrupts the blood brain barrier (BBB) and dehydrates the patient over time,  unbeknownst to them.  Dr. Allan Frey described this BBB disruption with EMF close to 50 years ago.

What are some of the biologic links made to Dr. Frey’s work?

  • Increased cell growth of brain cancer cells 
  • A doubling of the rate of lymphoma in mice 
  • Changes in tumor growth in rats 
  • An increased number of tumors in rats 
  • Increased single and double-strand breaks in DNA, our genetic material 
  • 2 to 4 times as many cancers in Polish soldiers exposed to RF 
  • More childhood leukemia in children exposed to RF 
  • Changes in sleep patterns and REM type sleep 
  • Headaches caused by RF/MW radiation exposure 
  • Neurologic changes including:
    • Changes in the blood-brain-barrier 
    • Changes in cellular morphology (including cell death) 
    • Changes in neural electrophysiology (EEG) 
    • Changes in neurotransmitters (which affect motivation and pain perception) 
    • Metabolic changes (of calcium ions, for instance) 
    • Cytogenetic effects (which can affect cancer, Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative diseases) 
  • Decreased memory, attention, and slower reaction time in school children 
  • Retarded learning in rats indicating a deficit in spatial “working memory” 
  • Increased blood pressure in healthy men
  • Damage to eye cells when combined with commonly used glaucoma medications 

I spoke about the work of Dr. Frey earlier in the EMF series.   The most fascinating part of what he did was to show definitively that the brain was directly affected by pulsed EMF. This interesting experiment was conducted by Dr. Allan Frey with the Office of Naval Research long ago to see what the biologic affects one might expect with the military uses of EMF in the USA.  If you read his public statements on what he found they are nothing short of shocking.  No one seems to know this because his work has been buried by industry.  If you use technology you would do well to do some of your own homework and you might realize why you really have the medical issues you do and can not shake.  You must limit your exposure as soon as possible.

Dr. Frey injected methylene blue dye into the veins of rats. The dye was absorbed in all the tissues except for the brain. That is because we are all equipped with a blood-brain barrier, or a protective filter that protects our brains from foreign substances.  He then exposed the rats brains to pulsed EMF in the range one would find in most cellphones and technology today and he found that the rat’s brain’s turned blue from the dye because the EMF made the BBB permeable at quite low doses.  He showed quite convincingly that EMF weakened the blood brain barrier and could allow many toxins normally excluded from the brain’s circulation to enter it to affect it.  This is precisely how fluoride now permeates the modern human brain unimpeded to cause cognitive haze because of the dielectric effect of fluoride on iodine in the brain’s semiconductive pathways.

It has also been shown to make the gut membrane permeable as well, and I believe this is the number one cause of a leaky gut in our modern world.  It is also why many people with a leaky gut never get better because they do not realize their gut is made leaky by the technology people lay on their laps or in their pockets of clothes daily.

You may not be aware of this but several municipalities have taken steps to limit EMF.  The county of Palm Beach, Florida, the City of Los Angeles, California, and the country of New Zealand have all prohibited cell phone base stations and antennas near schools due to safety concerns.  The British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils [BCCPAC] passed a resolution in 2003 banning cellular antennae from schools and school grounds. This organization is comparable to the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) in the United States.  The resolution was directed to B.C. Ministry of Education, B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development, B.C. School Trustees Association, and B.C. Association of Municipalities.  Children are far more sensitive to pulsed EMF than adults because their brain is not fully myelinated.  Adults with any form of MS are particularly at risk from EMF for the same reason.

Why dehydration of hypovolemia is a big deal

When a person with a chronic hypovolemic status sustains even a minor head trauma, any cause of disruption of the blood brain barrier or the gut barrier,  or loses massive amounts of photons or electrons over time due to a neolithic disease,  we can see a severe an acute and rapid decompensation hypovolemic state develop.  This is called cerebral salt wasting syndrome.  We actually can see a mild form of  cerebral salt wasting syndrome in those who drink water that is highly fluoridated. This is common in the western and southwestern USA.  Again, just because iodine is in table salt does not mean we absorb it if the water we use has a dielectric blocker in it!

There is another syndrome we see that cause loss of sodium and alterations of electrolyte imbalance called SIADH.  This is due to to an inappropriate amount of ADH release in the brain or at the kidney level.  What distinguishes SIADH from cerebral salt wasting syndrome is that in SIADH, patients are eu-volemic or hypervolemic.  SIADH is usually cause by water retention which dilutes sodium levels in the plasma.  CSWS is caused by a frank loss of water and sodium.  This combined loss affects the function of the brains’ semi conduction that takes place on its cortex with the interaction of the Pi-electron clouds of DHA (See Brain Gut 5) while it interacts with the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)  that surrounds the cortical neurons of the brain.

The WHO estimate between 1.5 to billion humans are iodine deficient. The more red meat one eats the more iodine deficient you can expect to become. Iodine is bountiful in seafood in its primordial evolutionary package. It is also found in sea vegetables and seaweeds. Considering the work or Drs, Remko Kuipers, Cunnane, and Crawford about the importance of seawater in human evolution it would make sense this is where our best supplies come from. (Kuipers spoke at AHS 2012 @ Harvard to a mostly empty room)

I have found women are most at risk for poor absorption of iodine. A classic finding is a low progesterone, low pregnenolone, and high estrogen level on their labs with an elevated LDL cholesterol. This is a sure sign of sever dehydration present due to Fluoride being a dielectric blocker to Iodine in water supplies. This affects brain cognition especially if EMF is present because the blood brain barrier become permeable with EMF and the fluoride can gain access to CSF and displace iodine in the cerebral spinal fluid. After the thyroid gland needs, the distal portions of the human mammary glands are the heaviest metabolic concentrators of iodine in the body. Iodine is readily incorporated into the tissues surrounding the mammary nipples and is essential for keeping healthy functioning breast tissue. This plays a huge role in fibrocystic disease and the development of breast cancers, in my opinion.

One clinical finding I always ask about is the existence of fibrocystic breast disease.When it is present I immediately think the woman is likely suffering from an undiagnosed iodine deficiency. I distinctly remember in medical school seeing a woman’s fibrocystic disease cured in less than an hour by an ancient physician who taught us how to examine a women’s breasts. She had volunteered to be a guinea pig for us during our medical education, and on this day we could not examine her without making her scream and cry because her breasts were so tender to palpation. Our MD proctor was about 80 years old and he too was a volunteer helping us learn our craft. He stopped me from examining her breasts and asked her a few questions and then he asked us to leave the room. He applied Lugol’s solution to her vulva and her nipples and we were able to examine her without any pain a half hour later. It made a huge impression on me. He asked her if she was on any thyroid meds and if she had bad energy or weight gain. A lack of iodine was the source of her painful breasts! Her labs did not reveal any major issues when we saw her either because we are taught to just screen for a TSH and not a free T3 or free T4 level. I never forgot this lesson on the thyroid.

When one begins eating a paleo diet your nutrient density and food substrate improve so your iodine needs go up as your mitochondria are being asked to do more. So with a paleo diet you get a relative iodine deficiency for the first 3-6 months of adapting to the diet. I always as my patients to eat shrimp twice a week for the first 6 months or to supplement with a kelp pill every third day. That seems to do the trick for most people. I have people use higher doses if they drink fluoridated water. We can use Lugol’s or potassium iodide to offset it a bit.   Coffee does slightly offset the fluoride in bad water because it contain chlorogenic acid.  This is why America and the world is addicted to coffee.  They all have terrible water with sodium fluoride in it,  and their bodies are craving it.  This is the only reason why coffee is optimal in a modern EMF world.  If you have a high BUN/creatine ratio and drink tap water potassium Iodide or iodine (200-300 mcgs) every other day if you eat seafood once a week. If you eat it more frequently you likely don’t need any supplementation.  Using seaweed in your broths is a great way to get this critical nutrient too.  This is just another small reason eating an Epi-paleo Template makes a lot more sense in our modern world.  One thing that Epi paleo and paleo have in common is having a good total body iron store.  This is important with regards to EMF because it is our major protector to PTEN expression due to excessive EMF.

5. Why does the classic paleo diet make your LDL rise so often?

The answer is simple. Dehydration is favored when you eat lots of protein and starchy carbs. A large amount of protein and starchy carbs draws water and even will make your temperature rise. For every degree your temperature increases your basal metabolic rate increase 13{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6}. This increase  in temperature, causes water dehydration in your carbon nanotubes. If you add back water that is fluoridated you will not improve.  The water should be spring, mineral, or treated with reverse osmosis or you will have severe low carb flu present.  ironically this is what the paleosphere calls it.  I do not.

6. Why can switching to a paleo diet cause depression in the first few months?

A lack of DHA and iodine are biggies but dehydration again is the big issue. Paleo provides one big improvement to the SAD template. It increase protein and Vitamin C to increase the collagen semiconductor in the human body, but there are three main legs to the stool for Optimal:

  • Protein and vitamin C for collagen production and cross linking
  • DHA and iodine for CNS/PNS semiconduction
  • Structured water needed for the N semiconductor in the CNS/PNS. The Paleo diet does not provide 2 or 3 well at all. It is a step in the right direction from a SAD because it helps collagen formation and it lowers inflammation from a SAD, but it leaves a lot of fat on the bone on the other two legs of Optimal.

7. Why else is depression present often in the SAD and newer paleo’s?

They love their technology and because they do this increased their artificial light risks while increasing their pulsed EMF risks. This is how they communicate on social media too.  Dr. Allen Frey’s work 50 years ago shows that the blood brain barrier was more permeable by EMF from any source. When the BBB is permeable all types of toxins can enter it. Fluoride in water is the biggest risk because of its effect on semi conduction in the human nervous system. I would strongly suggest you go back and carefully re-read Brain Gut 12 .

8. Why does HCG work in many women and men for weight loss in this modern EMF world?

HCG is a hormone of pregnancy made from the placenta that increases the mother’s circulating blood volume of plasma. This increases our vascular water part and allows the person using it to burn more calories while eating less food. It works in concert with progesterone in pregnancy to increase energy production for two lives by increasing circulating plasma. It does this by blocking ADH in the brain stem. When coherent water is plentiful you don’t need as much food. This is how it works. You saw this from this post. In this post you see it is possible to do well on a 90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} water based diet. When HCG and progesterone are maximally used water is placed back into the collagen nanotubes for maximum energy production. This is why HCG works so well for weight loss. When progesterone is low or HCG not present there is sub-optimal water levels in plasma due to dehydration at the cellular level. This affects quantum tunneling in the inner mitochondrial membrane where oxidative phosphorylation occurs.  People with metabolic syndrome have poor protein folding of cytochrome 1 and they get more ROS leakiness there and they get neolithic disease because they are losing electrons and photons at their mitochondria so they need to eat more to gain the electrons back.  Since cytochrome 1 becomes more defective as time goes on the more the eat the more they leak and they faster they die.  This is the life of T1D or T2D.  When mitochondrial efficiency is poor due to dehydration they can only generate energy using ATP via the least effective ATP recycling pathways:   The Krebs cycle and ATP-system that we spoke about in EMF 4. When we are dehydrated we can not enter the PPP and we sustain more leakiness at cytochrome 1 to cause more inflammation and leptin resistance. When we are hydrated well the reverse happens. HCG and Progesterone rehydrated us quickly but neither can sustain itself unless the water is brought back up to par.  This is why users of HCG and the PG/E2 ratio’s find it difficult to stay at equilibrium once they stop using the medications.

9. Why do so many women in the USA have hypothyroidism?

90{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} of people in the US who have hypothyroidism have Hashimoto’s disease. This is true whether they are paleo or not. Guess what causes this? Acute dehydration that leads to a chronic pregnenolone steal syndrome?  Guess that two effects are in play here? Fluoride also blocks T3 and T4 production and conversion and dehydration blocks LDL conversion via T3 to pregnenolone. The major reason why this brand of hypothyroidism has exploded is our modern world with our unrelenting pulsed EMF exposure. I told you in Brain Gut 12 specifically why Hashimoto’s is concerning. Here is an excerpt from that blog:

What is the link to iodine/iodide to an oxidizing disease like Hashimoto’s disease?

Venturi reported in 1985 that iodine was the first inorganic antioxidant to be described in any living system on this planet. He showed that iodine is is collected in cells by proteins in its iodide form and is bound to amino acids to form iodoproteins. It was later discovered that in all vertebrate cells iodide acts as electron donors in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and thyroid peroxidase enzyme. This enzyme is the one that is destroyed in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis by auto antibodies. This helps explain why Hashimoto’s is often seen as the first step in many neolithic disease’s that oxidize human tissues to alter cellular signaling. It also helps explain why Hashimoto’s disease is now so common today. Iodine is blocked by the action of fluorine, bromine and chlorine.  They are all in the same group in the periodic table with iodine and act as its analogue but do not share the same atomic abilities.  They are called dielectric blockers and cause us to loose energy and increase inflammation in our body.  

I would suggest you going back and reading Brain gut 12 pretty close. Brain gut 11 also has some major truth bombs in it as well.

10. Why is EMF intimately tied to poor sleep and poor cognitive function?

You also found that answer in Brain Gut 12. Here is an excerpt:

Iodine is the major antioxidant in the brain signaling system. The brain makes us a special species.

You do not and can not make a brain via evolution eating meat alone. Anyone who says they can knows nothing about human brain evolution.

When a person is iodine deficient, a person loses the ability to handle ROS (oxidation) optimally, and other organ systems have to offset those losses to protect the cell from more oxidation. When this happens we see a failure in their adrenal stress index because the cell is placed in a chronic survival mode. The person must rely on the “alternate biologic systems” built in to cells to handle these problems and they eventually become overwhelmed. That is the uric acid system, Vitamin E and C systems, and glutathione systems in humans. This often leads to a slow progressive decline in physiologic function of many organ systems in the body over time. It can occur in any organ system, but Hashimoto’s has particular affinity to those two tissues in which iodine plays a critical role. The thyroid and the brain, especially the HPA axis in the brain. This loss is potentiated by the dehydration effect on water by fluoride. Loss of iodine degrades sleep and synaptic function as the first step in disease generation. Iodine is found in high concentrations in the synapse of neurons to optimize signaling. With more time for further iodine loss, it affects more epithelial tissues like the breast, ovaries, and testes to cause fibrocystic disease, cancer and infertility. It even can cause thyroid cancers. Once iodine goes, Magnesium is not far behind. This affects our cells ability to make energy from ATP. Our bodies ATPase is magnesium dependent. This is why diabetics and fat folks are so magnesium deficient; because they are energy inefficient because they live in the chronic oxidative pathway their entire life.  EMF ruins calcium signaling in the brain and it destroys melanopsin in the retina and pineal gland.  This ruins melatonin signaling at night because of blue light exposure.  Eventually this degrades their sleep and their ability to think clearly.

There is a multitude of links in the Quilt to EMF exposures. After the EMF Rx and the Q&A, I think this blog should help you realize why technology with its artificial light and EMF destroy anything you try to carry out with diet alone. This blog pinpoints where those major linkages have all happened as we have progressed on.


I want to shift gears from the health aspects of EMF to a pure focus on crafting an exceptional life in spite of what this EMF series is revealing you. I understand it is an inconvenient truth. Ultimately, life goes by in a blink and it is time we set fire to the rain and focus on what really matters to us. In my view, too many people live the same year 60-80 times over and over because they let the past dictate their tomorrows. It is time to stop allowing your biography live the rest of your life.

There are seasons in our life and we can either take the seasons and maximize them or we can waste them. We have no control over yesterday or over tomorrow but we can control today. If you maximize today, you will age well. Far better than most will no matter where you find yourself today. Aging is maturing like a good bottle of wine; it grows in value as time elapses. Aging is evidence of time passed and experience gained.  Hopefully, with enough lessons learned and wisdom gleaned we improve our former selves. Ideation with out execution, just leads to deletion of any good idea we might have. Age well and age right and you will be a beacon to those who are younger and coming after you.  With age you lead the way and leave a trail.  Make sure it is one that leads others up. Enjoy your today because you are not getting older and approaching death. You are becoming more shrewd everyday that sun rises.

To avoid getting to the end and feeling flooded regret over a live half-lived, reflect upon these things as you cut EMF and artificial light from your life:

  1. Make your life matter every day you have it.  Become grateful for your time.
  2. Drink a lot of spring water, mineral water, or RO water.  It is never gloomy, unless you allow it be so.
  3. Get serious about sharing with others regardless of their response in the past.  Let them live in your new today with you.
  4. See your work as your passionate masterpiece in life.
  5. Expect the best and prepare for the worst with regards to EMF exposure and fake light.  Turn off your circuit breaker every night no matter what you think you may lose in luxury.  Electricity is not always our friend.
  6. Keep a journal and do not DIY it.  It will cost you $$$.  Trust me, I am out 150K going the DIY route.
  7. Read biographies of Tesla, Einstein, and Oppenheimer.  You need perspective other than your own.
  8. Plan a schedule for your day, week, month, and year……time is your most valuable asset.
  9. Know the 5 highest priorities of your life and carry them on your person.
  10. Say no to distractions in your life or with your health always.  Never compromise on you.
  11. Embrace meditation to offset EMF effects.  Embrace neuro biofeedback as a way to cope.
  12. Improve your thinking every single day you rise to see the sun rise.  You only see 25,000 in a life.
  13. Get a mentor to help you re train your thinking. If you want to improve your masterpiece you must improve your mind first.
  14. Begin to question paleo and its dogma.  It advocates somethings that can hurt you.  Turn off your technology.
  15. Get up when the sun rises and walk at the water’s edge every day you can.  It is a gift to your biology.
  16. Walk bear-footed when you can, wear leather soles, get sun on your bare skin and you will eat less food naturally.
  17. Find more heroes who represent what you want for you.  Hero’s are found everywhere when your mind is open.
  18. Become someone’s else hero by helping them help themselves.  Avoid enabling them.  Love is not enabling.
  19. Smile at everyone…….especially strangers.  It increases the Schumann resonance for us all.  Move naturally in nature.
  20. Hire an EMF engineer and carefully look at your home, work, car and sleeping area and that of your family.
  21. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence.  Never settle for a B, C , or D when A is available.
  22. Never let someone else set your bar.  Savor life’s simplest pleasures, and use your imagination to recreate you.
  23. Embrace camping and sleeping on the Earth.  Take your kids camping.  Build a fire and spend time with them.
  24. Spend time at museums and art galleries and tap your inner artist to find your inner masterpiece.
  25. Walk in the woods and make sure to lean on some big trees and just listen………
  26. Write thank you letters to those who’ve helped you in your life.
  27. Forgive those who’ve wronged you, no matter what they have done to you.
  28. Remember that leadership is about influence and impact, not titles, prizes awards, or accolades.  Carve memories in hearts not marble
  29. Create unforgettable moments with those you love.
  30. Have 5 great friends, and tell them why they are great.
  31. Become stunningly polite, and boldly aggressive in helping those who seek your knowledge.
  32. Unplug your laptop, ipad, iphone, radio, TV, and all your energy-efficient appliances that now have smart meters.
  33. In, fact, sell your TV and never watch the news ever again……..
  34. Read from books daily.  Go to the book store browse and aisle…..when you touch a book buy it without opening it. The fact you were drawn to it is enough insight that you should consider reading it to improve yourself.
  35. Avoid the average and make your nominal become phenomenal.
  36. Be content with what you have, but never settle for what you want.
  37. Pursue your dreams when others make fun of you for those dreams.  They have nothing to hang their hat on so they would rather tear you down
  38. You are human and you will err but be authentic in your actions.  They speak louder than your words/grammar/spelling.
  39. Be passionate about  you, your loves, your work, and your health.  Become the best infectious disease ever for the world.
  40. Apologize when you know you should to everyone.
  41. Embrace a moment to celebrate another’s achievements…….teach your kids that failure is their best recipe for successes.
  42. Have a vision for your life and never come off that sight.
  43. Know your strengths but embrace your weaknesses.  They are what will be the hammer and anvil of your masterpiece.
  44. Focus your mind on the ideal of things and do not fret about the negative.  Cut the negative from your life as soon as possible.
  45. Sit back and smile because you know you are patient and can wait for your chance to pounce.  Prepare for that small window of opportunity and be ready to take full advantage of it.
  46. When things seem at the worse, you never give up because that is what a winner does.
  47. Clean up your messes quickly and prepare for the worse by planning.  Things happen but we always recover because we give no quarter.
  48. Use impeccable thoughts and words to convey how much you care.  No one cares what you know until the former exceeds the latter.
  49. Leave you area and go to areas that are remote and different from you would normally visit.  Travel a lot more and be random about it.
  50. Talk to 3 strangers today.  Force it if you must.  See the beauty in things you never knew…….examine the unexamined.
  51. Honor your children and spouse.
  52. Tip well for services all the time.
  53. Become a great teammate in every aspect of your life but do not let one who needs you help fall behind.
  54. When facing your critics, smile at them. Encourage them to question everything but give no extra energy to critics.
  55. Spend time in the cold snowy mountains in leather shoes and become deeply curious to the mysteries in your life
  56. Write down your  top 5 values and put it in your wallet.
  57. Shift to achieving results, and stop just allowing yourself to be busy.
  58. Innovate, iterate, and invigorate your environment.  Inspire others to greatness no matter how you feel.  Some day they may lift you.
  59. Pay attention to your world.  Speak less to it and listen more to it………
  60. When the phone rings……let it.  Put it on vibrate and watch how your life improves.
  61. Take the hand of some one you care about…..hold it, and look into their eyes and tell them what you really think about them without words………..use the power of your mind to show them what is inside of you to give to them.  Then tap that moment from here on out.  Become super human in a modern world that is tearing us apart.

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