My Epiphany For Your Future

My Epiphany For Your Future

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Everyone knows the capability of what we can do in surgical care has dramatically increased in the last decade. I used to have to make large incisions to repair the spine or the brain back to health. Now, most of my incisions are less than an inch long and some are the size of pencil eraser. Over the last decade, my abilities have changed dramatically because of technology. Surgeries that once took many hours now take less than an hour. And most are not done in the hospital any longer. Moreover, the recovery times have also shrunk from months to weeks. Some of the operations of a fractured vertebra (spine) due to osteoporosis used to be brutal for patient and surgeon. Now I can repair them through the skin using a needle half the size of a number 2 pencil in less than ten minutes. To show you just how far we have come in surgery let me share with you a short video to give you an idea of what is actually possible now in 2011.

Take a few moments here and check it out.

Seems pretty cool does it not? But what if I were to tell you my epiphany for your future may never include surgery. Yes, you read that correctly. Now I do realize there will always be people who need our surgical services. But we know from recent data that the healthier your cellular terrain is the more likely you are to avoid surgery as you age. Ms. Catherine Mohr does some really cool things with robotic technology but I believe her focus on our real target is a bit off. What if we reject her premise that we need surgery most of the time to treat degenerative diseases and cancer using nature’s ways first. What if cancer and degenerative disease rate dropped and became less prevalent with real preventative treatments? How about we just take care of our cells to the best of our ability and avoid the pitfalls of all surgery and robots? Food for thought I think. She did not even mention this in her talk. As I listened to it struck me that the notion never even crossed her mind.  That has to change.

My hospital in Nashville spent 2 million dollars on one of those robots a few months ago. It actually sits in my operating room when I am working in there. Few surgeons currently use it because the learning curve is steep. Pretty expensive ticket to sit unused huh? Do you think someone is not paying for that technology some way? I know we could use many upgrades in equipment that are far cheaper and used much more frequently. Its just not as easy to market a new set of spine surgery instruments or new halogen headlights than a new Robot. Maybe you can see why two Tylenol now cost 13 dollars on your hospital bills (EOB)?

My epiphany is this: If we just change our thinking and do the things we know will avoid cancer and degenerative diseases maybe we can save the 2 million dollars spent on a rarely used device to teach people how to eat a paleolithic diet and how to begin to become leptin sensitive? Maybe we could pay for more preventative care to keep us healthy and not spend millions trying to get us back after a disease has ravaged us?

Just a thought. An ounce of prevention from nature will save a pound of cure and a ton of money too. You think anyone in Washington DC gets that message?  No, but the public does not need the message when they begin to listen to the doctor in their head nature provided us.

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  1. Patty June 3, 2011 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    I like the direction your blog is going Dr. Kruse! In 2007 I began eating a low carb/paleolithic diet because I was convinced it would help protect me from cancer and alzheimers disease. Time will tell on that but I don't worry about these like I used to. I feel proactive in the way I am living my life now. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this blog!

  2. LisaW June 3, 2011 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Very interesting Dr. Kruse. I know from personal experience how much my health improved after going low carb and getting rid of the junk food in my diet. In just days my acid reflux, IBS and aching joints all resolved. I look forward to future posts…

  3. admin June 3, 2011 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Patty thanks for the kind words……My goal is to show anyone who wants to be healthy and long lived that it is possible. If you protect your cells properly using biochemical and physiologic principles you can stay away from guys like me. I see people daily in my clinic decide to change the way they look at healthcare and diet and they morph into the person that was buried within them…….its the true joy of my job to see someone realize that what they have always wanted is possible.

  4. admin June 4, 2011 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    No problem. Thanks for visiting. If I can do anything to improve the site please…..i love criticism.

  5. Stacy June 4, 2011 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    Dr. Kruse – The information you're providing is excellent. Thank you for all the hard work that's gone into launching this website. We've all enjoyed our comments on paleohacks and we've been looking forward to more in-depth articles from you.

    AND you need an editor! Seriously! I have no doubt that you're an excellent surgeon and a fine, upstanding citizen. I'm not trying to be snarky here. Your comments on paleohacks are filled with grammatical, spelling and writing errors but no one really cares because that's the nature of that particular blog.

    However, you've launched a website that is a whole different ball game and folks will be looking for a different level of writing.

    It's not just the message that's important — the medium is crucial if you want to reach and change hearts and minds.

    You stated in the comment before mine that you welcome criticism — I hope that's true! And, as luck would have it, I can recommend a good editor. 🙂 (And, no, it's not me – I'm a social worker).

    • admin June 7, 2011 at 10:04 pm - Reply

      Thanks for the feedback……I will get better as I go. I adapt well. My problem is that I write as I think. I don't stop to contemplate what it looks like. I think awfully fast and type real bad so it looks like bad at times. Come sit down with me and speak to me and I bet your perception will be different.

  6. Dan Delung June 6, 2011 at 8:46 am - Reply

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    • admin June 7, 2011 at 10:01 pm - Reply

      Is Rosacea Caused by Amyloid LL-37, as Alzheimer's Is Caused by Anti-microbial Abeta?
      A recent article in PLoS One suggests that the amyloid beta (Abeta) proteins that aggregate to form fibrous plaques in the brain tissue of Alzheimer victims, function as typical defensive anti-microbial peptides (AMPs), similar to the LL-37 cathelicidin implicated in facial tissue in rosacea. The structural and functional similarities of Abeta and LL-37 suggest to me that Alzheimer's and rosacea may also be similar in initiation and treatment.

      I have a theory that the same cellular process that causes rosacea is also playing a major role in causing protein folding problems in amyloid in neurons. And The amyloid plaques maybe the neuron trying to respond to the insult…..and not the pathologic part of the process at all like many researchers and physicians believe.

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  12. Stacy June 7, 2011 at 10:32 pm - Reply

    That's why you need an editor, Jack! That's what an editor does: takes your "stream of consciousness" writings and edits them into a format that is readable and accessible. They won't change your voice or take away the heart that's in your writing. What editors provide are things like commas, apostrophes and paragraphs!

    Trust me on this — I know what I'm talking about.

  13. Mike Ellwood June 8, 2011 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    "If you protect your cells properly using biochemical and physiologic principles you can stay away from guys like me."

    I believe there used to be a standing joke in the medical world that it was the job of the physician to keep people out of the hands of the surgeons. In fact there is even an 18th century quotation from James Boswell along similar lines.

  14. Colin Delima June 9, 2011 at 1:42 pm - Reply

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  17. FlyLady June 9, 2011 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Don't allow perfectionist to rain on your parade. I haven't even noticed a typo! Keep writing, I am a sponge for your message. Thank you for studying this for us. And thanks to Jimmy to introducing you to his fans.

    Marla Cilley

  18. Stacy June 10, 2011 at 11:19 pm - Reply

    Your June 10 post proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that old dogs really can learn new tricks! Nice job with the editing. Your posts are much easier to read and you now sound like the intelligent guy you no doubt are (you know, brain surgeon and all that).

  19. PathGirl June 12, 2011 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    I really admire the way you are going about this – it's a change from the usual medical dogma. I agree that the future of medical care in western countries is through prevention and attention to personal health. We are not going to be able to afford to fix everyone suffering from the host of chronic illnesses that will become commonplace over the next 10 – 20 years. I also agree that many health care facilities are happy to spend significant amounts on the latest expensive technology, but there is less interest in looking at ways of keeping people out of hospital in the first place. That will change by necessity, but we are far from that yet.

  20. Janis Anderson June 13, 2011 at 2:03 am - Reply

    Hi, I am very interested in your Paleo diet. I am overweight and have tried for years to get rid. I wonder if my symptoms would be helped. I take chest infections on a regular basis, I have one now and didn't go to my Dr as I don't want another antibiotic. I am taking supplements to help get over this. This is my second one this year. i took one Dec, 2010 and still had it march 2011. Dr's say I have asthma. This because I was wheezing, of course I was wheezing I had a chest infection. I had 3 lots of antibiotics in 6-8 wks( more the year before) and I am scared as to what they are doing long term.I have asked what I can do to build up my immune system. You'd think I was speaking a foreign language. I am also on statins. i would like to take charge of my health and wonder if you have any recommendations for me. I am an apple shape I live in Scotland where we don't see a lot of sunshine.

  21. AdrianaG June 21, 2011 at 8:43 am - Reply

    Doc, I think you are truly on the right track relative to nutrition/leptin resistance, etc. Being the cause of degenerative diseases and the role of prevention vs. The need for surgical intervention in the future.

    I am very curious if you are finding any wy to reverse the ravages of degenerative joint damage. As the recent recipient of a new hip thanks to your neighbor Dr. Kurtz and a sufferer of osteoarthritis in my lumbar area I would love to not just stop further damage, but reverse it altogether.

  22. SueB October 13, 2011 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    My body function is so messed up since breast cancer/surgery and your plan is giving me hope for eventual healing! But, I'm desperate for help for my 18 yr old daughter, a college bb player. She has a bilateral pars fracture of the L5. She's in a lot of pain, trying to resist surgery, on large doses of anti-infammatories and has had 2 rounds of injections. I worry about the effect of all this on her body for the long term. Any suggestions you offer would be cherished 🙂

    • Jack October 14, 2011 at 12:53 am - Reply

      @Sue B first thing I would do is make her quit basketball and then change her diet and draw some labs starting with Vitamin D and HS CRP. Then I would go after trying to heal the pars naturally with lifestyle modifications. This is tough in her age group unless she wants to be optimal. If not she is going to have a fusion before too long.

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