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1. For those of you not going to PaleoFX here are my thoughts leading into the conference. I want to share them with you tonight.
2. Most of what follows were my prepared words for the opening remarks tomorrow…I decided to scrap them tonight.
3. I decided to make it raw and personal instead…
4. Transformation requires you to dig deep and reach for the truth inside of you. So that is what I am going to do tomorrow.

WHAT IS PaleoFX to me?

How do we lead a transformation in our society? How does the theory we espouse become the practice we seek? The ideas we espouse must become the ideas we preach collectively to show the world our vision of reality.

The real key is that people must learn that finding their optimal self is just as simple as reactivating an epigenetic program that is wired into our owner’s manual. It has become my job to teach people this…and mental visions of those transformations make my job easier.

Where do you start a new movement that begins with personal change?

There are many theories on how to begin this, but how do we lead the mediocre to chose optimal?

I pose to you that we get them to transform quickly, we must become an organization that becomes the change we seek first for health and then proper medical care…where all theories lead to great clinical practices and where biology is guided by evolutionary guidance and not opinion.

If we cannot become the leaders they need to show them the path to optimal, what does it matter what our opinion is, or what our action plan is?

How do we really solve their issues?

We must walk in their shoes for a time…what caught me was being a patient for a time…we listen, think and then…we execute.

If you want to live a transformed life, tie it to a life or the goal you seek…When an A is available, a B becomes unacceptable.

All things in our life begin with a thought before any action occurs…thoughts are the canaries of our minds…
Remember that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our thoughts and the thoughts we convey to our customers…thoughts are ideas that have no form…ideas become just words when we speak aloud about them.

What brings them to life is massive execution…we need to create small wins that lead to massive changes on their end…In the beginning they have no idea that small changes can leverage into massive gains. This is a leader’s best leverage in bringing change to them…If we walk the path we prescribe ourselves, we can share with them the action plan to optimal health.

None of us individually can change the world, but you can change yourself to make room for the change we seek in our world. Maybe that one person you transform, becomes the next Matt LaLonde or Denise Minger.

No person playing the role of victim ever changed the world. We cannot play that role either.

Our consistency is the parent of mastery no matter how mundane the task we give it.
Our focus is even more important than our talent.
Our energy is even more valuable than intelligence.
Our dream’s should be extraordinarily big, but we need to show them we work ridiculously hard for the results we want…
Nothing comes easy in life. That is evolution’s plan for success. It should be ours as well.
Trial by fire…success by failures.

Failure is the spice that gives success its flavors. If you don’t do the fear, you won’t get the courage. When we fail to reflect upon defeat, the resultant emotion we feel is guilt. Guilt is the payment made by a shallow self to avoid real change…if you feel guilt at any level then you should know that your neolithic brain is acting out of order with your biologic directives.

Many great minds are amassed in this room tonight…great minds have deep purposes, small minds have wants and needs. I believe this room is filled with minds filled with purposes…not wants and needs. These traits are what lead followers to transformational change. We have to become the beacons of light for this change.

Personal transformations light people on fire when they see them. It can become the spark to set off a thought that might just change their DNA.

A vision we see with our eyes closed are not just a picture of what might be for us…it is an appeal, a thought, from our unconscious that rises within us so that we become consciously aware that we might improve our former selves. It is a primitive picture of the greatness within us, a call for us to become something that we were born to be.

I hope you all share your messages with as many as you can these next few days because we are all building a large highway to Optimal for the millions who are still in the dietary dark ages. I applaud all of your individual efforts and hope all who hear this use their own success to fuel other people’s transformations…nothing brings happiness and success as when you save and change a life and a alter a mind to get them to reach for Optimal.

The method of this learning is funded by relentless focus on great ideas. Ideas can be information bits…but information by itself is worthless to us if we do not understand how it relates to the other cornerstones that form the sciences that underpin our theories and the practices we follow in our own lives.

Much of creativity of transformation is being able to see clearly the problem with a beginner’s mind. If one thinks of change with a tired mind they are apt to wind up with a newer version of an older problem.

Transformation becomes something we think, we breath, and feel, and it becomes manifest in our behavior for all to examine and explore.

This mindset includes:

Our attitudes, perspectives, rationales and logic.
How we perceive problems and opportunities.
How we examine the bandwidth of solutions now open to us by this change.
How this new level of performance envisioned becomes audacious in its power to change us.
It calls for a new level of fearlessness, of innovation and collaboration.

The systems we seek to build should be self-renewing and evolving, where people seek valid information so they can make free and informed choices, and where there is commitment to these choices as well as to ongoing monitoring of their implementation.

This creates an environment of high personal responsibility, joint accountability, and an orientation toward personal growth. An organization cannot fail when members openly and frequently test and confirm or disconfirm their assumptions…we must challenge ourselves and the status quo.

We must question everything we believe to get to a new perspective of how we can solve our own problems.

If you want to know your past…look into your present conditions.
If you want to know your future…look into your present actions.
What you do right now determines what you will become.

Adversity introduces a man to himself…we must not allow all of our intentions to look to our future or theirs when our attention remains in the present.

We must begin to think and act congruently so that the sunlight can shine on our innate talents. If we continue to make excuses, you may soon create a rut in thinking and with time you may actually begin to think that they might be true.

Sometimes winning has more to do with not giving up than the achievement itself. This is often why change gets messy in the middle but yields a satisfying bounty at its conclusion. You may not be able to do it all, but you must complete something in this life! Remember victims wish and leaders always do!

Big minds are not filled with small thoughts…begin focus on your best projects and let go of the addiction to distraction of your own mind. Begin to serve others more than you please your own whims. It is here where you will find success.

Their success is really why we are all here…for this conference.

Why are we all really here?

Fame, fortune, notoriety?

What we all need from this PaleoFX conference, in my view, is to find the leaders for the movement.

The best leaders care less about the applause they receive than the impact they create. The shadows they cast should be cast on those of us who are yet to be born.
My profession says they do no harm…but how true is that mantra today?

CW won’t break your heart if you’re a patient in today’s healthcare…it just might crush it if you suffer from a chronic disease.

Are they really ready for this kind of change?

Change cannot be brought to any entity that is not ready for it. There is no power or currency in medicine today for this change…so we need to bring it to them.
I believe the sustainable change we all seek is really a personal one, not one that is inflicted upon us by some external or internal force.

Today’s version of change in America is on a fast track out of existence because those in Washington, DC forgot how powerful the forces of personal change really are. Our country was born from this type of evolutionary thought. No government or healthcare authority can legislate personal change to the masses…From their failures to acknowledge this basic human authority, there are great lessons for us to learn in the PaleoFX community.

Espousing change for change sake is just not good enough for the individual nor should it be good enough for this community. We should not settle for mediocrity in any aspect of change we seek. Change must involve a transformation of each and every one of us from where we are today to a new a place we have not been but seek to go.

That change will require us to think about our current predicament in a far different way than we do right now. To get where we all want to be will require us to travel some paths we have never considered traveling upon…it will not be filled with joy and comfort. Some of the greatest gifts we get are the unanswered prayers of the human mind in conflict. This adversity needs to be channeled into the kinetic energy of metamorphosis of our version of theory to practice. We have the lives of many counting upon us.

The truest value of a real big dream is who you must transform into it to fulfill its promise. Within each one of you is part of the mystery of that quotient. I hope over the next few days we begin to solve that problem…instead of living that dream, we need to lay the foundation blocks on the roads that millions more will soon travel to optimal.

Just because no one else gets our vision or values doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live them! Begin now by not following others; lead others with your eccentric thoughts. All new thoughts seem to bring fear to the establishment…but I no longer fear being eccentric in my opinions, because every opinion that is today’s dogma was once an obtuse eccentricity in the past.

We must embrace that fear and use it to fuel us to get to the other side of fear where our freedoms lie. It is at the edge of our comfort zone where life truly begins.

Let this fear drive you to become so good today that when you leave a room you leave people breathless. Use your creative perception to view life in a decidedly uncommon fashion to release your inner masterpiece.

When you find that your life is out of alignment with your grandest idea of what you believe yourself to be, you must seek to change it so you may become the person you were born to be.
Remember that change is hard and transformations are not sexy, but the quotient often is. Just look around at this assembled group…we need to sprinkle that magic on anyone we touch.

In transformational change, what was seen as obstacles may morph into opportunities, apparently irreconcilable opposites may come to be seen as creative tension, and change that seemed improbable or requiring long development may quickly come into being. This paradox of change needs to be fully embraced.

We must become aware of the high cost of low living. In biology, we often get what we deserve when we fall asleep at the wheel. Our actions have covert, but direct, effects that our eyes are often blind too completely undercut our paleolithic genes.

Today, and everyday from here, we should stick to a strict diet of inspiring books and blogs, podcasts, and beautiful spaces with amazing sites with people capable of elevating you to a plane of rare air.
At any given moment in our lives sometimes can completely seem senseless.

But at the edges of our biology it seems to reveal itself to us as a movement of purpose existing in time, having a deep, new meaning, sculpting us, forcing us… trending in a certain direction to a tipping point…of the best we have to offer our patients.

When you help people transform, the world becomes a primal playground…and that ancestral life is the wind that pushes our swings; it forces us all to evolve into something we were not ever before.
The time is now for all of us to take the theory of what has been revealed to each and every one of us and make it the new reality for mankind.

When we transform, we open our mind to new black holes in our subconscious that we never before saw, that become part of our conscious reality that we can follow to that new reality.
When I see someone at my clinic, on the street or in the comment section of my blog, they are sharing with me a snapshot of their current life…often that life falls short in some small way.
Instead of focusing in on their negative we must look for riches in their poverty, joys in their despair, and wins in their losses…

Their snapshots never show the millions of decisions that led to this moment in time, but in that moment, I may be able to become their light if I prepared well and catch that opportunity blow up their mind into something new—something they never thought was possible.

When you first begin to see yourself as a powerful creator of your conditions, you’ll get to see opportunities to get all your goals, and dreams all around you. That is what a visionary is…a light that can make a boom from their raw material…a personal supernova.

Their critical mass is ever present, and we must be their matchstick to explosive change…transformational change puts the theory to practice in my eyes.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts tonight.