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1. Are you interested in an ancestral/primal/paleo insurance company?
2. Would you like to help gives us input in what you want and what you would like to see in this plan?
3. Where do I leave my comments on this topic for the 2012 AHS?
4. Can other primal/paleo/ancestral bloggers, followers, enthusiasts make this go viral to benefit all of us?
5. Why do we want to do this for our community?

Many of you know that out of the AHS of 2011 many good thing occurred. The meeting really galvanized the community and now it is time to think about how to make this community leverage its power. Turn the kinetic energy of what was 2011 AHS to the potential energy of 2012. This was really brought home by Brent Pottenger recent post that I hope you all read. Please read the link to his post for you to read. Brent was one of the founders of the genesis of what eventually became AHS 2011. He told me recently that he had no idea where his 2009 idea would end up. Well, we just saw the effect of 2011 AHS in our community with all the posts about it. Now Brent and I are proposing an even bigger idea. We want to change healthcare delivery for our community. Our goal in this community to create for patients another avenue in the healthcare system for you to have access to physicians and healthcare providers who support this lifestyle and understand that the needs and services are quite different many other patients. Our goal is to create just a system for you. Eventually, this model may become something that can be generalized to the general population once the deep science behind this movement is made mainstream. This will be a massive undertaking but before action comes upon it we need to really think well about how to do it. Brent and I have already spoken by phone and we plan to reconnect often the next few months going forward to develop some ideas we have. We both thought it would be a great idea to open this process to the people who obviously will benefit the most from this…you, the patient or customers of these services. We want to hear loud and clear some of the things you would like incorporated and some of the new ideas you may have no matter how out of the box it is. Please leave them in the comment section at the end of the blog. If you’re a friend of ours on Facebook, leave them for us there or you can tweet them to us as well. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can email it to me at [email protected] or send them to Brent at his site, We need to hear what you would like in this type of plan.

The system we envision will use a lot of new internet technology and will require the doctor patient relationship to change in some ways on both your side and our side. We think, however, you will have more access to your doctor and you will also have cutting edge data available to you faster than you would in a conventional system. Rest assured the conventional system will still be a part of this plan. But we want to use our system as a Trojan Horse to infect the conventional system to instigate changes. We also want to form our own ACO and we are also looking into the possibility or starting up our own self insured insurance company dedicated to members who practice our style of living.

Our goal is to collect all ideas over next 6-8 months so we can have a full presentation to offer the entire community for review at next years AHS 2012. Please help us, help you, in making a difference for your future healthcare and wellness care. As Brent said in his note, we are at a tipping point of a revolution in healthcare. If we stay quiet and passive, we will have no control in dictating how we all want to be treated when we are sick or when we are well. Many of us will just need advice on how to optimize our situation as we age.

Thanks for reading this and please make it viral to all you friends and family on FB, twitter, or on your own blogs. We think this is an important next step in the process for this movement. If you believe this too please participate. We want to build this the correct way by asking for input from everyone. Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to your inputs and comments. I am planning on keeping this blog post up for sometime to get the ball rolling but I am hoping that our community uses technology to get this message out!