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This month’s webinar: Manage Your Energy with the Mitochondria Energy Rx (or “Women’s Fat Loss, Part 2”)!

In the December webinar, we explored the unique biochemistry and biology of women and learned that at the very core of metabolic health and efficiency is a healthy mitochondria. In fact, at the core of most disease is an inefficient, unhealthy mitochondria. For us to live optimally and to get the full benefit of a healthy biology, mitochondrial efficiency is KEY.

Our mitochondria is the powerhouse of every cell in our body. It’s responsible for energy and ATP production, they produce ATP, and without mitochondria, we die because no cell in the body will function. When your mitochondria isn’t operating efficiently, it affects EVERYTHING and its inefficiency is a contributing factor to things like:

* Cancer
* Weight gain
* Infertility
* Gland efficiency (Pituitary, Adrenal, etc), which affects your hormones
* Aging and all it’s related symptoms (healthy mitochondria is anti-aging)
* Depression
* Fatigue
* Poor Sleep
* Diabetes
* Heart Disease
* Crohn’sand other GI diseases
* CFS, muscle aches and pains and methylation issues

There is a lot of dialogue in the medical community (especially functional medicine) about leaky gut. But the next wave of dialogue is going to be about mitochondria. Mitochondria efficiency is key to telemore biology and ant-aging. And the great news is — you can measure it, and very intentionally optimize your mitochondrial efficiency to ferrari status.

As part of the community, you know that at the core of Dr. Kruse’s protocols for achieving optimal health is eating Epi-Paleo, the EPCOTx Protocol and Cold Thermogenesis. Now you can add one more protocol to the list: The Mitochondrial Energy Rx. This prescription is the most significant, breakthrough prescription to date! If you participated in last month’s webinar, you know that for women, mitochondrial efficiency is absolutely key to being able to lose the extra belly fat and other excess weight. In fact, for those of you with complicated medical conditions or issues, understanding how to optimize your mitochondrial efficiency could be absolutely key to helping you get optimal!

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