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1. What is glycation? Why should I care about it?
2. What are the signs I can see if I am doing this to myself without my doctor?
3. What are the steps in glycation and where will it lead me?
4. What are the consequences if I ignore this biologic process?

We established in the Quilt what glycation is. Today we are going to talk about the clinical manifestations of glycation so that you can begin to assess yourself for the signs and symptoms. If they are present then we can give a strategy to stop the progressive damage so you can avoid the ravages of neolithic disease progression that Americans currently face. Glycation is tied to foods with high levels of sugars which have too much of the wrong isotope in the food substances for the light cycle we live in.

First, we have to get you to write some answers down to some questions. Get a pen and paper. Read on and write the answers as you go to see how much biologic concrete you may have collected so far.

The first sign to look for is found in the mirror. Take a good look at your skin. Does it look like it did when you were in third grade? If not, you likely have a problem. AS you look can see well?  Do you have eye floaters?  Cataracts?  You likely have an environmental problem with light.  Do you have acne? Do you have scars from skin infections? Have you been diagnosed with asthma or allergies especially from food tied to histamine? Have you suffered off and on with Hives or rashes? Do your colds resolve slowly? Do you suffer from frequent headaches and muscle aches? Another common finding here is the belief of the patient that they have a chronic hypoglycemia. They think they need a constant source of carbs to offset this “physiologic need”.  This has a massive effect in your mitochondria by slowing their spin rate down.

At this stage, the first thing we doctors see is a postprandial spike in TG’s on lipid panels. We also see that patients fasting blood glucose is elevated above 90 no matter what they do. If the doctor is dialed in they will begin to see small increases in HS CRP. Nothing shocking but it will be elevated and simultaneously the patient’s sulfated vitamin D3 level with them being in the lower quartile of the lab’s range while their LDL cholesterol rises.  Most of the cholesterol in them won’t be sulfated.  If we had nanoscopic eyes, on a cellular level we’d see cross-linked cell membranes everywhere (fancy for bad skin), upregulation of RAGE receptors, sluggish glucose transport proteins body-wide, and really bad insulin spikes after we eat. Glucagon and Asporsin hormone regulation are out of whack   This is what causes floaters in the eyes.  nnEMF drives blood glucose higher and can ruin our eyes and our eyes can ruin the rest of our body slowly below our perception.  Our arteries would be beginning to get fatty streaks, and our spinal discs are beginning to lose water content and collapse in height and cause serious pain. Our carotid arteries innermost layer becomes thickened at this point as well and may cause dizziness or slowed cognition that is fleeting.


The second level signs to look for is sudden weight gain with no easy explanation. Skin and acne conditions get a lot worse. Asthma does too. If you’re a woman you may notice real painful periods. Men will see energy levels crater and a lot of cognitive haze.  This occurs because your ATPase in your neo-cortex does not spin fast enough.   You also may notice you need orthodontics for your moving teeth or orthotics in your shoes for the first time. When you come visit my profession they will notice that your HDL level is dropping while your LDL level is increasing. Your blood pressure is also mildly elevated now and if your doc is real good a carotid ultrasound may show a change in the intima-media ratio. They will likely also tell you that your fasting blood glucose now puts you in the range frank glucose intolerance. If they check your fasting insulin levels they will be up too. Today these tests are rarely done at this early stage of disease. You should consider asking to get these if the picture I am painting is sounding familiar at this point.

The third level signs to look for at your yearly physical is persistent increase in your BP and fasting blood sugar. You know a lack of sunlight cause your BP to rise, don’t you?  UVA light releases nitric oxide to lower our blood pressure.  The doc still tells you that you are not diabetic yet, but mentions the words pre diabetes often when he talks to you. (Side note: You are likely a diabetic by this time. The manner in which we diagnose diabetes is not sensitive and this is why most people have a 50{a7b724a0454d92c70890dedf5ec22a026af4df067c7b55aa6009b4d34d5da3c6} loss of beta cell function in their pancreas by the time they are finally diagnosed.)  Diabetes is linked to a lack of sunlight and way too much nnEMF with a diet that give us highly powered electrons with poor proton quality.



You tell the doctor that exercise is now hard to do and you are not motivated to do it.   You gasp for air going up stairs now so you rely on elevators. The ladies who do your pedicures tell you your heels and feet need to be scaled with a razor now.  Yourtoenailss grow weird and turn yellow.  Your barber notices that you are developing skin tags in your neck folds. Your doctor sees them in your armpits and chest too now. You skin color is very uneven and women get a lot of melasma. If someone orders a HbA1c, they also mention that your HbA1c is over 5.5 now. You’ll also tell your doc your sleep stinks now too. You also begin to complain about changes in your eyes, hair, skin, and energy levels. Suddenly you need new glasses because you develop myopia and you might even get a retinal tear.  Testing reveals that you have many hormonal issues present but for some reason your thyroid gland testing is unremarkable but you are really beginning to feel “old” and tired for your age. You notice dramatic changes in your mood and personality too. Your job and marriage become stale and cause you chronic stress. If you go see a functional medicine doctor they will lab you up and note your adrenal stress index is upside down and your DHEA and melatonin levels are in the toilet.  They’ll push supplements with some new age diet.  As the stress rises you seem to age faster and time begins to speed up.  It appears like Decemeber comes every 4 months.  Why does time seem to speed up the sicker you get?  Is this a real phenomena or an illusion?


If your doc pays attention to these symptoms, and does not try to put you on muscle relaxers, narcotics, ambien, synthroid, prozac, and of course a statin, in depth testing will reveal a dramatic change in your VO2 max testing, HRV test will show less chaos,  widespread hormonal disruption, a stiffened heart muscle and generalized peripheral artery disease in all parts of your body. Your cognitive decline is now measurable on a neuropsychologic battery. For men, your erections are no longer firm and your endurance is shot and you rarely wake up with one any longer as you did in your twenties. Men will get up to pee constantly at night.  Women notice a drop in libido and vaginal dryness and loss of sensitivity. You may realize you’re also missing a gallbladder, uterus, or ovary by this time too.

As time goes on the fourth level of this progression occurs. You now have chronic fatigue. You find yourself napping during the day as a habit and you can’t sleep well at all at night. You have hunger post dinner and you eat at night before you go to bed because you think it helps you sleep better. Your IGF-1 will be below 100 now.  Your medical history now includes new diseases like osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, cancer, and autoimmune disease. Your fasting blood sugars are higher. You HbA1c is now chronically above 6.5 and you urinate a lot at night and the doc has found you have protein in your specimen. The eye doctor tells you that you have floaters or cataracts and your fingers go numb at night from carpal tunnel syndrome. You may find out you have restless leg syndrome or be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You no longer sleep in the same room with your spouse because you pee so much and talk in your sleep.  When you stop talking you’re snoring.  You find out you can’t sleep because you have sleep apnea and your EKG shows your heart is enlarged.  You’ll have bags under your eyes and they will be discolored.

Just about every blood vessel in your body shows some sort of plaque formation too if someone looks for it. Your pulses are weak and you complain constantly about the temperature being too hot or too cold. You find yourself getting sick more often and it being harder to recover from any minor illness. You are collecting more scars from surgeries that many people just call minor. You are contemplating plastic surgery because of how “tired” your skin looks and how saggy your skin and body now look. Your nose and boobs may look good but they no longer fit your body.

Level 5…You are now formally called a diabetic. Your doctor visits escalate in frequency and intensity and it seems every time you see the doc you get a new medicine and you never seem to get better. You in effect feel like a medical annuity at this point. Well, you have become one truthfully. You may now be on oral medications to control diabetes but the doctor may begin to discuss insulin injections if your labs warrant it as you continue to decline. Your HbA1c is now way over 7.0

The time from the first sign to the stage 5 is variable but it is tied to the length of time you have been actively glycating your proteins from your diet. In most people this occurs over 20-25 yrs. Onset of disease however is completely dependent upon your epigenetic switches. How early and how long have they been switched on to cause disease? The earlier you get these changes the longer you have been afflicted. With the younger generations of today who eat a standard american diet (SAD) loaded in fake carbs, made via hydrogenation (bad hydrogen) we expect that time to shrink in the next five decades.

Stage 6…you now have cognitive decline and you hear the words neurodegenerative disorder, like Alzheimer’s thrown around by your doctor. You forget where your keys, wallet and money clip is now. You have word-finding difficulty. Your golf game is sliding badly. You need to use the shopping cart to get around the grocery store or mall. You have to sit down a lot when you walk. You stop going out and living life as you used to because you realize you can not. You might have already had a heart attack a stent or a stroke but they called it minor!

This is the exact history I found in one of my spine patients who came to see me at age 46 for low back pain. When they arrived at me I went back over twenty years and asked open ended questions about their life. This is the twenty year history I got. This person did not need back surgery. They need an Environmental hack and technology diet intervention that needed to save their life.

This is exactly what glycation looks like from my view. BIOLOGIC CONCRETE is maple syrup that builds up in your mitochondrial matrix to slow down the spin rate of your ATPase. When you live in a blue lit microwaved world it appears from your labs that you eat fructose/sugar/starch/grains consistently.  If you actually do that in this environment your diseases will show up in your second decade.  If you do it long enough to an EXCESS chronically, and mix in some PUFA (omega 6’s) what you end up with is a mess of neolithic disease and a lot of doctor visits and 18 medications to keep you alive. My profession will be expert in ‘wallet biopsying‘ you to death.  What has your life really become?  Your now surviving and not living.

ANALOGY TIME:  You’ve become a slab of granite.  Think of pouring maple syrup on your granite counter top and leaving it there for twenty years and then trying to remove it. Got it? That is what happens in a blue-lit microwaved world to the inside of the gears in your mitochondria.  You need to limit the environment of tech light and eat for biophysical hormony with the seasons not for the USDA pyramid or prevailing medical opinion. Fats are wiser than any other food but not for the reasons you think.  Fats provide a form of hydrogen that is like DW-40 for the colony of your mitochondria.  Make your life music once again. You can do it because I did it.  Moreover,  I have shared this idea with over a 3,000,000 people now.  I want you to shared the secret sauce with everyone too.  It is free and easy to do if you just control your environment. It just takes you to alter one thought. Will you do it today?