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Quantum Biology 2: Quantum PCOS

Who is Gretchen? She is a women I met at Mark's Daily Apple monster thread two years ago. When we first met she wanted no part of the idea that maybe she was missing more pieces to the puzzle then she knew. I told her back then, if she began to test herself she would learn more about herself than she could ever imagine and it would happen fast. If you read the thread here, you will see where she began her journey. This blog is where her journey has brought her in her battle to reclaim optimal. She is also featured in my latest book on amazon, The Epi-Paleo Prescription and you can read her initial six months into this journey there with 3 other of my members. Gretchen has a blog too. She is a pretty amazing person with an amazing family and story. Here is how her journey began as written and told by award winning author Colleen Coble in my book: Gretchen stared at the piece of paper in her hand. The word medically discharged wavered in her vision, and she wheezed through the airways constricted by asthma. Her head was pounding, and her heart rate fluttered even faster than the pulse of pain in her head. It was the end of her military career. Even though she’d known it was coming, seeing it in black and white made her want to sink to the floor and bury her head in her head in her hands.

Winter Solstice Special Blog: “The Inger Effect”

This is a new guest blog from a forum member named Inger, who you can find on our website forum. She has had an amazing transformation! I thought on my favorite day of the year, I would share with a story to warm your heart. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Hi. I am Inger. I want to share a bit from my journey with you, as I am so thankful for the huge benefits I have gained from this site. It has opened my eyes in so many ways and helped me understand. Thank you, Jack, for letting me share. I love to think about this path as a journey towards waking up my 6th sense. I love that. This is so much more than just about foods, body shape, anything like that. It is so deep and broad; it is huge! I am in love. It is like I am part of the huge, beautiful universe, a oneness I often feel deep in my bones these days that is just amazing and peaceful. Sometimes I feel like I hear music inside me, music of joy. But it is totally silent around me. How magic is that?

Brain Gut 8: Their Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

READERS SUMMARY: 1.  What is a day in the life of a vacationing doctor like? 2. Accept that your epigenome is a loaded gun, and your lifestyle is the trigger. Your lifestyle can't change you. It reveals who you really are. 3.  Is there an important difference between giving up on somethings and letting go to [...]

Cold Thermogenesis 11: Paleo FX To Practice

Today, I want to introduce you to someone who is a true 'Paleo leader' by stepping up to the the challenge I put to our community at PaleoFx conference recently held in Austin, Tx. Kevin Cottrell is one of the co founders of Paleo Fx. The leaders of Paleo fx have to be commended because the conference they were able to put on in 150 days of prep time was nothing short of remarkable. The conference exceeded all my expectations and the reviews of many attendees have been stellar. The future of this community is tied to clinical application of what the science continues to show in the literature. For assimilation of the Ancestral Lifestyle to become mainstream we need to have more clinical conferences like Paleo fx, and we need to take them globally. Today, I am breaking new ground and presenting to you my first guest blog written by Mr. Kevin Cottrell, who has agreed to share his personal story and personal medical history with all of you so that he may help you in some way. I think what he has agreed to do here is the most noble and worthy things to do to help our community and mankind. I am indebted to him for this chance to publish his story for you to consider. The following post is written by Kevin, in his words, to share with you and yours, to help open your eyes and challenge your "own dogma and current intuition' to help you reach for optimal health.

Finding Your Primal Sense

I recently did a video interview with a former patient and friend of mine, Mrs. Jodi Wibel, from New Orleans, who sustained a massive change to her life recently. This will be chronicled in an informal video testimonial on my site shortly. Her story inspired me on many levels to write this blog. Much of what she said to me that day really resonated with me. She told me after the interview that I needed to write more about how I think, and how I motivate and seek to help people change themselves when they are at a crossroads. Too often, we and the people around us, become creatures to how we think chronically, without ever realizing it. This thinking is what creates ruts and plateaus in our life. Change is best carried out, not when we are in a rut, but when we are at the edge of our comfort zone. Even our friends and family can be enablers to our bad habitual thinking about change. People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. When you change for the better, the people around you will be inspired to change also. But only after doing their best to make you stop. Live your truth and don’t ever stop! I tell you this now so you read it and understand it consciously, because this unconscious thought is behind why you do not appear to want change. Once you perceive that this might be a correct statement, you will then begin to look at your circumstances from a new perspective. That new perspective is critical in seeing your life in a new way. Jodi believed it was the key to how the science became part of her “skeptics life” without a fight from her old habitual thinking. You must break free of the shackles of your old mind and embrace all your fears. On the other side of all your fears is the freedom in your life to make choices to give you an Optimal Life. For this entire week, her single thought has filled my mind with how to write this post. I decided to stop trying to feel it and to just write what my thoughts were about how I view change now after my own leptin Rx reset 5 years ago.

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