READERS SUMMARY:   1.  WHY IS WATER SPECIAL? 2. WHAT DOES HYDROGEN DO TO MAKE WATER SPECIAL? 3.  HOW DOES HYDROGEN AND IODINE PERFORM MAGIC IN US? 4.  HOW DOES ALTERATIONS IN EPIGENETICS HAPPEN IN GERM LINES? 5.  HOW DOES THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY AFFECT THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS?   HOW DO MITOCHONDRIA IN CELLS COMMUNICATE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT DIRECTLY? Simple, it is a function of how well we can build our hydrogen bonding network in our cells. Life is all about water having a memory and water memory is all tied to the flow of protons and electrons within us. All information is tied to the actions of light within water to pass information and energies in the environment to mitochondria. In my recent talk at the Bulletproof conference, I spoke in depth about the magnetic magic of diatomic oxygen. It is paramagnetic and naturally drawn to mitochondria because of the strong electric and magnetic fields that create nano magnets of mitochondria. You might recall that mitochondria are filled with H+ ions in its matrix…….for a deep reason. Hydrogen is the other side of the equation for water and for life . It too, is special in its […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1. WHAT WENT DOWN IN PASADENA WITH MY CURRENT BIO-HACK? 2.  WHY THE LEPTIN RX IS A PROXY FOR THE PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT AND COLD THERMOGENESIS A PROXY FOR MAGNETISM 3. ARE YOUR MITOCHONDRIA NANO-ELECTROMAGNETS THAT DRAW O2 AND DHA TO TISSUES WITH MITOCHONDRIA? 4. HOW DOES HYPOXIA SIMULATE CHRONIC EXCESSIVE UNCOUPLING TO MAKE FOOD INTAKE A USELESS METRIC? 5. HOW DO YOU CONTROL FLOW IN YOUR LIFE AND MITOCHONDRIA AT THE SMALLEST SCALE?   My name is Jack Kruse and my day job I am a neurosurgeon. My night-time job is bio-hacking my own N=1. I got into the biohacking business by accident ten years ago. I got ill for the first time in my life. After researching my specific issue I began to do serial life-hacking on myself. I came up with something called the Leptin Rx and Cold Thermogenesis.  The Leptin Rx concerns itself with the photoelectric effect and CT is a synonym for your magnetic sense contained in your mitochondria. From my decade of biohacks I learned three fundamental things. 1. My understanding of science was too narrow and superficial 2. The environment dictates how genes are expressed 3. No one really has a clue how […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. HOW DOES MYELIN DO WHAT IT DOES? 2. DO WE REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW MYELIN AND WATER CHANNELS WORK? 3.  WHY DOES MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS  REALLY HAPPEN? 4.  IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS  DUE TO A SHORT CIRCUITING OF MITOCHONDRIA BY EXCESS LIGHT?   Do you know the story of the Japanese AMA?  If not have a look here.  The Japanese AMA never have had a reported case of MS.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) in Asian populations is characterized by the selective and severe involvement of the optic nerve and spinal cord as well as low prevalence rates.  The Japanese eat a lot of DHA naturally.  Might this be why they have a different form of MS than the rest of the world?  Why is its incidence and prevalence exploding since 1960? Japanese people born after modernization in the 1960’s, the ratio of conventional to opticospinal MS has increased rapidly.  Technology has also exploded in Japan since 1960.  Let us explore the links. Multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory demyelinating disease, is a major cause of neurological disability in young adults in the developed world. Although the progressive neurological disability that most patients with MS eventually experience results from axonal degeneration, little is known […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. WHAT ARE THE 4 WAYS MAGNETISM AFFECTS BIOLOGY FROM A 30,000 FOOT VIEW? 2.  HOW DOES MAGNETISM ALTER ELECTRONS? 3. HOW DOES MAGNETISM ALTER WATER? 4.  HOW DOES MAGNETISM RE ENERGIZE TISSUES AT NIGHT? 5.  HOW DOES MAGNETISM WORK WITH THE SCHUMANN RESONANCE?   One of the most pervasive and mysterious phenomena in the universe is magnetism. What is more mysterious is how life uses it.  It is among the most complex biologic phenomena in our world.  As a scientist knows it, magnetism is the invisible pull that surrounds magnets, electric currents and even the electrons that circle the heart of the atom. Physicists do not wholly understand it, but they use it constantly. Cells use it more than most could ever fathom.  This blog will explore some of those ways. This list is not meant to be complete.  It reflects our knowledge as of today.  All the hundreds of thousands of electrical devices in the modern world have fields of magnetic force coursing through them. This includes anyone reading this blog.  Any discovery that promises stronger or better controlled magnetism is immensely important to both practical industry and theoretical science.  It is massively important for the […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  JET LAG IS THE BEST KNOWN CIRCADIAN MISMATCH:  HOW DO YOU BIOHACK IT? 2. WHAT EVOLUTIONARY ADAPTION DO BIRDS AND HUMANS SHARE ? 3. WHAT IS THE JET LAG Rx? 4.  WHY ARE SOLAR CYCLES TIED TO JET LAG RISK? 5.  ARE JET LAG, SOLAR CYCLES, AND COSMIC RADIATION SOMEHOW TIED TO HUMAN BEHAVIOR VIA WATER CHEMISTRY?     When we talk about human airplane flight let’s first talk about birds because they fly naturally.  So what do we have in common with them from an evolutionary perspective?  Birds and eutherians made it through the last extinction event 67 million years ago because they both had a built in extra capacity of mitochondria in their cells.  I spoke about this ability long ago in Cold Thermogenesis 5.  The reason both of these classes of animals had them were far different but this was the reason both made it through the KT event 67 million years ago.  Unlike humans, bird’s do not get jet lag when they fly. Have you ever wondered why?  What makes birds and us different?  Jet lag is the most well known circadian mismatch in humans.  This blog is going to teach a thing […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  WHY DO MANY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH KETOSIS? 2.  HOW DOES SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER EXPLAIN THIS PHENOMENA? 3.  HOW DOES TECHNOLOGY SHORT CIRCUIT OUR MITOCHONDRIA? 4.  DO YOU CONFUSE DYSFUNCTION WITH IMMATURITY? 5.  CAN AN IMPERFECT HYPOTHESIS STILL BE DIRECTIONALLY ACCURATE?   Why do I have problems with ketosis?  This is a question I get asked a lot and a question I see asked in many other places online.  The answer isn’t an obvious one.  Most people think ketosis is a function of the amount of fat or protein you eat.  It is not.  The best brand of ketosis is the one that allows our brain and mitochondria to sense the correct circadian signals from our environment.  The most important thing is how your cells and mitochondria are structured to read and react to the environment.  This is called being metastable.  It is ultimately tied to a dense source of electrons.  Ketosis without electrons is of limited value. Electrons make the world go around. This is why all life evolved from the ocean, the place where electrons are most dense. Time is linked to mass and energy, and both of those are tied to DHA. No one seems […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. IS ORGANIZATION OF A CELL MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FOOD WE EAT? 2. HOW DOES NON OBVIOUS FACTORS DESTROY HEALTH IN SURPRISING WAYS? 3. HOW DOES GUT INTEGRITY TIE TO MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTION? 4. WHAT ARE THE 5 KEY FACTORS IN AUTOPHAGY? 5. HOW DOES KETOSIS LINK TO CIRCADIAN MISMATCHES?   A radical and transformative thought goes nowhere without the willingness to challenge convention. If you have a new idea, and it’s disruptive and you’re agreeable, then what are you going to do with that? Ideation without execution leads to the deletion of any great idea. Your job is to find better ideas, mine is to cut holes in the ones you already have. Innovation requires embracing paradox. It requires you to be disagreeable. I innovate by listening closely and mixing in curiosity. This is why I see what others miss. I focus on what really matters to the organization of a cell to create life, and it’s not food that is the critical factor. The organization of your cell’s architecture is important. The factors that determine it are critical and there is no one thing that is critical. The combination of factors and the details of how […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  How does cortisol tie to a cell’s mass equivalence? 2. How does cortisol work daily in a human to wake us up? 3. How are the effects of cortisol stopped by AM sunlight? 4. How does cortisol link to NAD+ and circadian gene expression? 5. How does cortisol link circadian biology to mitochondrial handling of electrons in the cytochromes?   The circadian cycle of cortisol is critical in understanding optimal energy balance.  Cortisol directly alters a cell’s mass and volume.  Mass is directly tied to energy balance by E=mc2.  When you understand circadian biology, you get a much more complete picture of how the system works on a 24 hour basis. It turns out electrons control the coupling of biochemistry in life and understanding this helps making sense of why hormones become disrupted when electrons are not handled correctly.  I became a student of circadian biology when I saw the entire view from a 30,000 foot level. Our brain wakes up with a morning surge of cortisol. That is what turns our brain on at 6AM. VIP helps do this in long light cycles. VIP is highest at 6 AM and lowest at 6 PM when light levels […]

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READERS SUMMARY:   HOW DO MITOCHONDRIA REALLY WORK?   The funny thing about mitochondria is that everyone seems to know they are not working well in most modern diseases, but only a few know how mitochondria really work.  When most allopathic and alternative health practitioners talk about food, they talk about calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids.  You know what is ironic about these discussions?  Open up any biochemistry book and see if there is carbohydrate, protein, or lipid transporter on the inner mitochondrial membrane.  There is not.  But there is this thing called the “electron transport chain“.  Why is it that nobody in allopathic medicine or alternative medicine talks about electrons? All foods are broken down into electrons. This means that the input to our mitochondria are electrons. Gary Taubes quoted Hans Krebs in Good Calories Bad Calories by saying, ‘All three major constituents of food supply carbon atoms’.  Most biochemists, clinicians, and scientists believe that metabolism is all about the carbon cycle.  I think most of you realize by now that I do not agree with this.  It is all about electrons.  This is why input to the mitochondrion is called ETC.  The second reason is that Gilbert Ling’s […]

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READERS SUMMARY 1.  How do prions cause disease? 2. How does light in the brain work? 3. Why red light is critical in the brain? 4.  How does Fronto-temporal dysplasia and Gliobastoma multiforman link together from a prion point of view? 5.  How do all these  neurologic and mental diseases link directly back to the gut?     Today in part two of our prion blog, you are going to learn the single most important function of life’s design using quantum biology is shape adaptation in both proteins and in DNA. Shape change dictates tissue optics and tissue optics are all tied to the proper thermodynamic view of life. The reason now should be intuitive. Any changes in geometry alters energy profiles and physiologic function. The innate ability to alter protein geometry in real time enables nature’s machines to operate with the utmost efficiency. Cells and tissues allow us to morph proteins to allow life to happen properly. When we do it incorrectly, disease and death emerges. It is not hard to understand……it is just hard to believe. We do it by altering atoms using electrons and photons to move their shapes. Electrons and protons are made from leptons and […]

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Prion protein in a microtubule

READERS SUMMARY 1.  WHAT IS A PRION AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? 2. BEWARE OF GARY TAUBES ? 3. HOW DOES SHAPE, SIZE, LENGTH OF PROTEIN SCALE TO BIOLOGIC ENERGY? 4. HOW DOES THE PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT WORK IN US? 5. WHAT IS THE FOURTH PHASE OF MATTER, AND WHY DOES IT MATTER TO US?   Prion diseases, also known as spongiform encephalopathies, are fatal neurodegenerative diseases that can be sporadic, genetically determined, or acquired by a so called “infection”. One of the hallmarks of prion diseases is the cerebral accumulation of an abnormal form of prion protein (PrP), denoted PrPsc, which is derived from the normal cell surface glycoprotein (PrPc). Many of you might be unaware that the 1997 Noble Prize was given for this discovery.  Even fewer of you know that one of the “ancestral leaders” now running NuSi tried to obfuscate this scientist’s reputation in a 1986 article in Discover Magazine.  This is where I first heard of Gary Taubes.  It’s also why I became wary of his ideas and his writing methods and his goals.  He followed his first defamatory article in 1986 with another in 1997 by writing another highly inflammatory account of this discovery.  This was after Dr. […]

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  READERS SUMMARY:   We know evolution is the truth, but was Darwin fundamentally wrong about what drives biologic change?         Early on in the EMF series, one of my readers, Jason, asked me if I had jumped the shark when I said that biology gave the Nobel Prize to the wrong guy in 1978.  I remember messaging him on Facebook and telling him that I had a few more people to call out before I was done.  Changing a paradigm calls for slaying some core beliefs.  We have to attack the holiest of grails to see that evolution, the process that drives life, causes a thermodynamic problem.  Looking at it from a new perspective opens the doors to many answers that have eluded our species.   Today I am going after Darwin and all his neo-darwinian kling-ons, such as Sir Richard Dawkins.   If you are going to go big……I say do it in a large way .   I have told you I admire Nick Lane and Lynn Marguilis because they show that good thinking can lead to massive insights.  Lynn, using the theory of endosymbiosis, really went after the Darwin theory of evolution.  She made […]

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READER SUMMARY: Why are my blogs hard to read? How does magnetism help organize life?     “Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices.”   This is why my blogs are tough to read.  To get better, you have to acquire as much knowledge as possible about how nature organizes life.   Life begins on the smallest stage, and the smallest stage is controlled by quantum mechanics.  It is not controlled by genes or gene products, but, in fact, is created from the quantum mechanisms in the universe.  The very same things that make stars make us.  Life, at its core,  is the same thermodynamic problem a star faces at creation. Kierkegaard said,  “Life can only be understood backwards but has to be lived forward.” He was a philosopher talking about his perception of life, but he actually stumbled into life’s “main paradox” without realizing it. Philosophers like to analyze life poetically by using existentialist thinking.   You will never solve life’s riddle […]

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READERS SUMMARY: How does a good question on the forum lead to a better answer to modern disease?     There is no trophy in health without a race…………for a new truth.   With many of you gathering with family this holiday weekend here is my little gift for you.  These two diseases just puzzle and confound many.  In this blog you will see a new way to look at these diseases.   Melasma is one of the most common problems millions of women face and they spend millions of dollars with cosmetics and dermatology consults to try to get rid of the problem.  Melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications.  It is also common in women who go through an early and fast paced menopause.  They also tend to have poor sleep as a stereotype for a deep reason. If you ask any dermatologist, if they are honest they will tell you it is one of the toughest 3 things they try to treat.  The main reason it is a tough disease is because we are not thinking about the pathway that […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1.  IS ORGANIZATION OF A CELL MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FOOD WE EAT? 2. HOW DOES NON OBVIOUS FACTORS DESTROY HEALTH IN SURPRISING WAYS? 3. HOW DOES GUT INTEGRITY TIE TO MITOCHONDRIAL FUNCTION? 4.  WHAT ARE THE 5 KEY FACTORS IN AUTOPHAGY? 5. HOW DOES KETOSIS LINK TO CIRCADIAN MISMATCHES?     A radical and transformative thought goes nowhere without the willingness to challenge convention. If you have a new idea, and it’s disruptive and you’re agreeable, then what are you going to do with that? Ideation without execution leads to the deletion of any great idea.  Your job is to find better ideas, mine is to cut holes in the ones you already  have.  Innovation requires embracing paradox. It requires you to be disagreeable.   I innovate by listening closely and mixing in curiosity.  This is why I see what others miss. I focus on what really matters to the organization of a cell to create life, and it’s not food that is the critical factor.  The organization of your cell’s architecture is important.  The factors that determine it are critical and there is no one thing that is critical.  The combination of factors and the details […]

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READERS SUMMARY: 1. In life can you overcome a hand of cards dealt to you that says you have a fatal genetic disease?     For those of you who listened to the March webinar you were able to meet Jeremy Thomley.  He is one of my new friends.  We have known each other for about 9 months.  He is an amazing person who you can find out a lot more about here:  Hyperlink to his website and blog.  Make sure you read his blog too.  His sculpting has to be seen to be believed.  He has another problem you might find hard to believe.  He has cystic fibrosis.  Cystic fibrosis (CF),  is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder that affects most critically the lungs, and also the pancreas, liver, and intestine. It is characterized by abnormal transport of chloride and sodium across an epithelium, leading to thick, viscous secretions. CF is caused by a frameshift mutation in the gene  for the protein cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR).  The gene was identified in 1989 and is found at 7q31.2, the long arm (q) of chromosome 7 at position 31.2. An individual must inherit two defective cystic fibrosis genes, one from each parent, to have the disease. Each time two carriers of the disease conceive, there is a 25 percent chance of passing cystic fibrosis […]

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Dr. John Sorrentino on Evolutionary Biology and Dentistry


Dental decay did not exist anywhere on this planet until 10,000 years ago, yet no dentistry school studies evolutionary biology as it relates to dentistry to determine the cause. Guest blogger Dr. John Sorrentino examines this concept and how studying “evolutionary dentistry” can reveal how to prevent dental decay using principles of the epi-paleo diet.

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CPC #8: Brain Cancer

READERS SUMMARY: 1. How does water, non native EMF, and calcium efflux ruin mitochondrial signaling? 2.  Is cancer an epigenetic or genetic disease or both? 3.  How does Volkow, Achermann, and Bissell work all explain cancer? 4.  What is the main mechanism of oncogenesis in our modern world? 5.  How and why does cancer metastasize?   Everyone in science reads the same data.  But few people see what I see.  This blog is about that perspective. Today we are going to follow up the last blog’s idea’s with a CPC designed to show you how the quantum biology of water and non native EMF sets the table for a disease like brain cancer.  I will use the three research papers mentioned in Energy and Epigenetics 13 to open your eyes to a new reality.  I am going to warn you this CPC is for the GEEKS and doctors who read my blogs, so expect your head to hurt a bit.  There is no way to make this science easy to understand for the lay public.  If you have any cancer or a low redox potential you are going to want to slowly dissect this one carefully. It is loaded with […]

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Energy and Epigenetics 13: Quantum Water Chemistry

water splash

Let’s explore how the three basic fundamentals of nature (light, water, magnetism) were thrown into a recipe to make a quantum cell. How “Lady Evolution” assimilated her recipe for life is 100% quantum magic. The fourth part of the equation is what is buried in our DNA and RNA, with respect to water chemistry. This is the one biology knows only “a little bit about.”

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Setting Up Your Water System at Home

Filling glass of tap water

Last year (2013), right after Dr. Kruse finished the EMF series, he started teaching us about the importance of the quality of our water. And this year, since Dr. Kruse wrote the Energy and Epigenetics 4 blog post on the three laws of nature (framing out the importance of light, WATER and magnetism), y’all have been chomping at the bit, wanting to know what the best water is and how to get it in your own home. We’ve got the answers for you in this blog!

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